Evangelism Gets Worse with Disuse

Many Christians get profoundly uncomfortable with the word evangelism. Heck, many non Christians are uncomfortable with the idea, imagining street corner preachers and ugly confrontations with family. The honest truth is the more you don’t talk about God the harder it will be to talk about God for Christians and non-Christians alike.

Why do scriptures put such an emphasis on the need to spread the gospel “the good news?” Well, it’s because Christ offers life and life in abundance. Jesus draws near to those who draw near to him. To those who lean on him and trust in him in their day to day.

Christ came to die for the sinner, all are in need of a savior, especially the Christian who may not be saved just because they attend church or call themselves believers. The gospels offer a transformation of the heart, a lifestyle change so profound that the scriptures describe it as coming from death to life. The gospels aren’t a self-help guide, because Christians have believed that the ability for one to truly help themselves is actually very limited, especially when it comes to matters of the heart and matters of character. All are in need of a God who is surprisingly aware of the details and needs of every person, even every creature, 0n the earth.

The less you talk about the God, the less likely you will make him known to anyone. It’s an exercise in futility to shy away from talking about God with others. Again the Christian life isn’t fundamentally about you, evangelism doesn’t refer to a certain style or way of talking it is the process of making God known. We use our mouths, resources, and lives to testify to what we believe in. What do you ultimately believe in? What would your closest friends say?

Evangelism is the process of testifying to what God has already done and is doing in your life. Jesus asks, do you love me more than these?

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