Christian Post Publishes My Piece on Immigration

The Christian Post is up with my op-ed contribution on immigration, politics, and faith.

Small Excerpt:

he plight of believers from across the world should have a greater hold in our attention and affection. In this life, just because someone is a Christian from another place doesn’t mean they are perfect or free of sin, but it does mean that we shouldn’t so easily dismiss their concerns, their wants, and needs, and indeed their plight.

If the last several years has taught us anything, it is that the 21st century may very well be the century of the fleeing, the migrant, and the refugee. Collapsing socialist and dictatorial regime leave human crisis in their wake. The war in Syria gave us some of the most poignant imagery of people seeking a better life, even a more stable life and willing to do anything for the mere opportunity. Venezuela whose communist government has taken up power for itself, is creating a natural human disaster, causing people to flee. In China how can a regime survive when it brutalizes its minority Uyghur Muslim population in Xinjiang, jails pastors; changes the very words of life in the Bible, and tears down crosses. Such a regime cannot be long for this world.

Here at home, we also face a serious problem. The border crisis and challenges of an undocumented population aren’t new. Indeed, they are decades long in the making, a result of a lack of national consensus around what to do with our history of welcome and our history of uneven integration of immigrants.

You can read the full piece here.

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