True Wealth

As a young man and a young Christian I wanted to discern the teachings of the church in regard to wealth. Wealth is a particularly important thing to a young, well-educated, and ambitious young man. So I had my questions, Jesus wasn’t really against wealth was he? Did God really want me to sell everything … More True Wealth

The Silo Christian

If you’re from the heartland, or even if you’ve ever been on a farm you’ll probably get the silo reference (if not see below). Silos are used to store grain. They are solitary and bound to one place or farm by design. They are singular and stand over the landscape set apart from theirĀ surroundings. Our … More The Silo Christian

Does Faith Stagnate?

It’s a hard question. If you’re like me you may have been exposed to the idea that our relationship with God comes in cycles. Sometimes we feel closer to him and sometimes we feel further from him. The idea being that a life of faith is filled with peaks and valleys. I suspect a lot … More Does Faith Stagnate?