How COVID-19 Will Change Church Attendance

On this podcast I offer some observations of how COVID-19 is changing attendance at churches, virtual fatigue, and my observation that Houses of Worship in the liturgical traditions are offering less at home resources.

I offer three practical areas of focus for Christians in light of some of these realities

Being Present with Others:

How we can think about those we are at home with and/or those we are closet to and incorporating them in a time of worship.


Some thoughts about how to make our regular tithes and offerings to our home church an act of worship even while apart, how we might think about needs elsewhere in the world, including the famines in Africa, as well as evangelism and discipleship work.


First how to follow the guidance of your Bishop, and for those who are able I cover Spiritual Communion and what can be done at home.

Resources Mentioned on Today’s Podcast:

Evening Prayer Sample Format for Home Use

Famine in South Sudan, Yemen, Democratic Republic of Congo (BBC News Report)

Spiritual Communion Liturgy

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