How We Sin When People Aren’t Like Us

On this podcast I reflect on multiple years of experience in racial understanding and action work and what that has taught me about the current moment that we are in. That experience has taken me into Evangelical, Mainline, Non-Denominational, and Roman Catholic spaces.

If you are not a person of color, you can ignore the ways that society forces you to live with implicit and explicit bias.

Implicit bias: unconscious racialized attitudes. A quick test- would have I acted that way towards this type person if they had been white.

Explicit bias: actualized, self-aware racist attitude and/or action.

In addition a lot of the leg-work ground work among European origin churches has often been lacking, both in terms of the biblical basis and/or tradition based approach to thinking about racial and cultural sin both on the individual and societal wide level.

I also go over the reactions we are often seeing in churches around Critical Race Theory and our responses to politics.

I cover what Jesus teaches around love of enemy. How we often sin across difference and what should guide us in faith as we consider our posture and where we go from here.

Finally I end with what I consider a sort of unity/disunity lens and how our Houses of Worship can become places that evangelize and welcome those who are different than us by making gracious but rooted space for difference.

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