My name is Alexei Laushkin, I’m based in Northern Virginia and one of my ministry focuses is faith & formation. I want to invite you to connect with that which has sustained the church in every age mainly Jesus himself.

Without Christ man is left with a self-created hell, however pleasant to him or her it may seem.

People encounter Christ in many ways:

  • The Eucharist
  • A personal encounter with God
  • A journey toward self
  • Over a long period of time

How do I take my faith more seriously? How do I reconcile my many experiences of Christianity? What does the bible teach about the Christian life? What can we learn from those with a deep commitment to the life of Christ?

This ministry walks people through:

  • The human condition
  • The writings of Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Anglican, Wesleyan, and Pentecostal writings on how to deepen Christian commitments
  • Offers occasional and time-limited faith and formation groups for personal encouragement.

I do this through virtual teachings that cover each of these areas in depths, an occasional faith and formation podcast with guests, events, and through facilitating practice and formation groups within those who wish to regularly live into these ancient patterns.

I am also the founder of the Kingdom Mission Society and Principal at Strategic Principles LLC.

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