My name is Alexei Laushkin, I’m based in Herndon, VA and my ministry work includes teaching, speaking, training, and facilitating faith formation on kingdom topics; including racial understanding and action, the fundamental unity of the body of Christ, faith rooted organizing, spiritual disciplines and formation, and bridge-building between groups with a major emphasis on the teachings of Jesus. Kingdom first.

It is my conviction that Christians need to be out in a connected world collaborating with others with a ministry of active presence and that we need resources and ways of thinking as new types and kinds of people come to a living faith in Jesus.

Part of being out in the world is growing in our ability to love Christians from backgrounds other than our own. As such I facilitate educational events, seminars, bible studies, trainings, workshops and pilgrimages for a wide range of Christian traditions. You can find a list of present and past events here.

On this site you will find reflections, resources, upcoming events, recaps of what I’m up to, as well as interviews with people doing active work in the Kingdom.

I am the founder of the Kingdom Mission Society and am the owner of Strategic Principles LLC where I lead a team to do a range of faith-based consulting.


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