My name is Alexei Laushkin, I’m based in Herndon, VA and my ministry work includes faith & formation. I want to invite you to connect with that which has sustained the church in every age.

My ministry work focuses on the centrality of the Eucharist, an understanding of self, time, and how the Christian changes, the role of pride, the role of spiritual disciplines, true humility, the role of obedience in seeking the Kingdom first, in acts of charity, the centrality of prayer, and a deeper understanding of liturgy. These are historic truths that are articulated by those in the Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Anglican, and in varying degrees within the Wesleyan, Evangelical, and Pentecostal movements.

I do this through regular virtual teachings that cover each of these areas in depths, the faith and formation podcast, events and webinars, and through facilitating practice and formation groups within those who wish to regularly live into these ancient patterns.

I am also the founder of the Kingdom Mission Society where I do dialogue and encounter work the owner of Strategic Principles LLC where I lead a team to do a range of faith-based consulting.


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