On Decisions

Originally posted on Kaleb Daniel Nyquist:
On Decisions (/) is third in an ongoing series of meditations on life’s ubiquitous experiences. The first was On Notifications (!), and the second was On Questions (?). / “I’ve been really struggling with a decision lately.” “With what?” “Well, you know how my phone’s screen cracked last month? Lately, the entire thing hasn’t…

On Spiritual Mentors

In the life of faith you have to have those you trust and respect enough to speak into your life. You need true, loving, biblical discipleship. When you no longer are actively walking with someone who you trust regularly, things tend to break down in the life of faith. We need mentors, elders, and loving … More On Spiritual Mentors

The State Wants to Be Like the Church

“Acclaiming Jesus, as Lord plants a flag that supersedes the flags of the nations, however ‘free’ or ‘democratic’ they may be. It challenges both the tyrants who think they are, in effect, divine and the ‘secular democracies’; that have effectively become if not divine, at least ecclesial, that is, communities that are trying to do … More The State Wants to Be Like the Church