What a Christian Should Consider Before Their Vote in 2020

On this podcast I offer some observations from the Gospel of Mark the 8th chapter when Jesus warns about the yeast of Herod and the Pharisees. What do we do with wickedness and a lack of integrity and what that might mean for a Christian thinking about their vote in 2020. You won’t want to … More What a Christian Should Consider Before Their Vote in 2020

The Botham Jean Case, Race, Justice, and Faith

by Alexei Laushkin The case of Botham Jean has been on my mind and something I’ve tracked since the killing took place. Botham Jean was a worship leader at the Dallas West Church of Christ. Here was a young man pursuing Jesus and leading and contributing to the people of God. His unjust death on September 6 2018 was a shock … More The Botham Jean Case, Race, Justice, and Faith

Living in Exodus

by Alexei Laushkin The Exodus is a pivotal moment for the people of God. They are rescued from Egypt, where their lives were filled with slavery, toil, and oppression and they make it to the desert on the way to the promised land. And what do they encounter? They encounter their hearts which are filled with self-slavery, … More Living in Exodus

Grounded Faith Formation

Christian spiritual formation can take on an other-worldly emphasis from time to time. The evangelical American subculture (true for Catholics as well) is filled with retreat centers and other places where participants are invited to come away from their day to day life and spend time with God. In and of itself these centers of rest … More Grounded Faith Formation

Does Faith Stagnate?

It’s a hard question. If you’re like me you may have been exposed to the idea that our relationship with God comes in cycles. Sometimes we feel closer to him and sometimes we feel further from him. The idea being that a life of faith is filled with peaks and valleys. I suspect a lot … More Does Faith Stagnate?