The Silo Christian

If you’re from the heartland, or even if you’ve ever been on a farm you’ll probably get the silo reference (if not see below). Silos are used to store grain. They are solitary and bound to one place or farm by design. They are singular and stand over the landscape set apart from their surroundings. Our … More The Silo Christian

Film Highlights Role of Russian Orthodox Church in WWII

This is one of the recent gems out there. Priest (2009) done with the support of the Russian Orthodox Church tells the story of Father Alexander Makovetsky who lives in present day Belarus during the start of the war. While I am not sure if it’s entirely historically accurate it does give you a view … More Film Highlights Role of Russian Orthodox Church in WWII

Does Faith Stagnate?

It’s a hard question. If you’re like me you may have been exposed to the idea that our relationship with God comes in cycles. Sometimes we feel closer to him and sometimes we feel further from him. The idea being that a life of faith is filled with peaks and valleys. I suspect a lot … More Does Faith Stagnate?

In Loving Memory

Mrs. Anna Ahotnikoff passed away on Monday March 26, 2012. Here’s a picture of Totya Nurya (which is what I called her growing up)  pictured right next to my grandmother seated left on the day of my wedding in 2008. We’ll miss your love, kindness, and gracious hospitality!  

Evangelism Gets Worse with Disuse

Many Christians get profoundly uncomfortable with the word evangelism. Heck, many non Christians are uncomfortable with the idea, imagining street corner preachers and ugly confrontations with family. The honest truth is the more you don’t talk about God the harder it will be to talk about God for Christians and non-Christians alike. Why do scriptures … More Evangelism Gets Worse with Disuse