Hardness of Heart

This is probably one of the tougher things to write about, because there are no easy answers to a hard heart. In some circumstances you may be able to recognize it in yourself, and if you are unfortunate enough to experience hardness of heart when it comes from another there may be very little that … More Hardness of Heart

The Golden Rule

You heard it growing up. The golden rule. Do onto others as you would have them do to you. I can remember a conversation I had in high school with one particular teacher. We were talking about treating others well and he said, “I just treat other people the way I want to be treated.” … More The Golden Rule

True Wealth

As a young man and a young Christian I wanted to discern the teachings of the church in regard to wealth. Wealth is a particularly important thing to a young, well-educated, and ambitious young man. So I had my questions, Jesus wasn’t really against wealth was he? Did God really want me to sell everything … More True Wealth

On Idolatry

A few years ago I started a series on idolatry that I never finished. My original post generated responses from both friends and enemies. At the time I was too shocked by the level of response to continue the series. I had seen too many controversies visa via creation care to continue writing on the … More On Idolatry