Back to School

This time of year you start reading a number of posts or books about going back/starting college, but not as many about just simply going back to school whether that be elementary school, middle school, and/or high school. The truth is a vast majority of students are still in public/private grade schools. For Christians the question … More Back to School

Jesus Help Me Please: Getting Right as a Christian

If we have lived the Christian life for any length of time, you can recall times where we have felt God beckoning. Pushing you to get more serious with your Christian faith, your walk with Christ, even specific circumstances that you might have been in. Each of us have different experiences of these moments. Where … More Jesus Help Me Please: Getting Right as a Christian

Making Time for God

How do you make time for God? Many Christians have a great desire to spend time with God, but it never seems to translate to action. Sometimes, we convince ourselves that we lack the time; other times we are simply unsure of where to start or even how to cultivate the desire for a devotional/prayer … More Making Time for God