Things that Slow Us Down in Spiritual Disciplines

On today’s podcast I discuss the things that slow us down in spiritual disciplines. Mainly two aspects in particular: excessive effort and lack of adequate preparation.

When we feel like we should start to work on our life of faith we may feel a lot of guilt and anxiety. What role does grace and the cross play in those times?

We also often tend to feel that we have to do it all, read the bible, pray each day, and more and this tendency to take on too much can lead us into excessive effort. We also tend not to think about when is best in our days and lives to take on new disciplines.

I discuss all this and more on today’s offering.

A few prayer resources mentioned:

From the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA): 2019 Book of Common Prayer

From the Church of England Daily Prayer: Website for Morning, Noon, Evening Prayers, etc

Pray as You Go (Catholic Resource): Podcast for Praying/Reflecting on the Go

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