On Spiritual Mentors

In the life of faith you have to have those you trust and respect enough to speak into your life. You need true, loving, biblical discipleship. When you no longer are actively walking with someone who you trust regularly, things tend to break down in the life of faith.

We need mentors, elders, and loving friends. The life of faith can be lived alone even if you attend church. That shouldn’t be though. What you need are people who you can let in on your life, not to dictate but to dialogue.

I heard someone just the other night who said that he had someone in his life that would cause him to rethink even the surest of decisions. This man had lived a long time and was a fairly senior and well respected leader. If he has someone who he respects enough to do that than we all should take stock of ourselves. None of has the wisdom or the mandate to live life alone.

I pray that all of us would be humble and willing to give to another the love and respect needed for true discipleship and fellowship. May we all know the joy of spiritual mentors, elders, and loving friends.


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