The Love of Some Will Grow Cold

I’ve been struck that the scripture says that in the latter days the love of some will grow cold.

The love, the compassion, the vision of Jesus and the sincere love of our neighbor would give way. In its place would remain self-interest, greed, pride, restless desire, and callousness towards our fellow man. People would be lovers of money, and lovers of self.

I was on the metro today and heard a person cry out endlessly, “Can anybody help me?” He was not mentally well and he was asking for money, but he cried over and over again. In the midst of an otherwise normal morning commute he had the honesty to break the silence.

Do any of us still realize we depend on God in that same way? Do we realize we need to cry out as well?

We who too often love ambition, comfort, and status, but neglect the mercy, justice, and compassion of God.

Do you not find it hard to rouse yourself to proper Christian desires? Has your love and radical desire to follow Jesus grown stale and old? Do we not wonder why we are restless and thirsty?

Have not old values become a thing of the past?

May the Lord deliver us towards higher and more robust passions. The kind found in Jesus himself.

One thought on “The Love of Some Will Grow Cold

  1. The passion need not grow cold, but it does require us to be intentional about following Jesus, every day, each moment of the day. Then, we hear that cry from another, we will answer, “Yes, I will help you.”

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